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The goal at Los Caballos Veterinary Clinic is to provide our clients and their animals, both large and small, with the best veterinary care and advice based on our knowledge and abilities.

About Los Caballos Veterinary Clinic

At Los Caballos Veterinary Clinic we provide high-quality care in a practical, clean environment for large animals and small animals. Since our founding in 1973, Los Caballos Veterinary Clinic has continued to grow and expand our services throughout San Angelo and surrounding areas. We provide the best veterinary care through the use of modern technology in diagnostics, medical therapies, surgical procedures, and preventative health care.

Veterinary Services in San Angelo, TX


Large Animal

Our large animal services range from emergency services and procedures to routine vaccinations, dental checkups, breeding soundness, and obstetrics.


Small Animal

Our veterinary clinic is equally well-equipped to tend to the needs of dogs, cats, and small farm animals.


Animal Health Plans

Animal health management plans are another part of our practice with the aim of maintaining a pet’s health rather than only correcting health issues once they arise.

San Angelo, TX Veterinarians

We are ranchers and families with deep West Texas roots going back to the 1800s. Our way of living would not be complete without our rich heritage of owning and working on ranches with cattle, horses, goats, and sheep. Your pets, your herds, and your remudas matter to you – we get it. And because we get it, we have invested years of study and practice, learning how to treat and take care of your large and small animals so that you get the most enjoyment or profit from them.


Los Caballos Veterinary Clinic

“…the staff is always helpful and friendly”

Took my chihuahua in to have his yearly shots and nail trim. Also took my sister’s pup as well, the staff is always helpful and friendly, I really feel my pup is always getting the best care when he’s there. I really trust that my Noah is in good hands there. We didn’t have to wait long at all. Both got shots and nails trimmed all in about 35 min. Thank you to the staff there.
– Donna G.